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Description Health Care Delivery explores the history of health care delivery and how it has evolved to the current state.

The section numbers for online courses are U820T, U821T, U822T, U823T, U824T, U825T, U826T, U827T, U829T. Students will explore through case studies the history, mission, essential services, core function, infrastructure, and care options.

ISBN 9781450469814 Description While arenas, golf courses, stadiums and fitness centers have distinctive footprints many of their standard operating procedures are similar. (2013) Fundamentals of Sport Marketing (4th Edition). Description The emphasis will be on hands-on production of graphics, text and animated resources. Students will primarily use computers, scanners, and digital still cameras to produce multimedia resources.

The course will present students with the skill set necessary to manage sport venues while at the same time emphasizing the risk management principles to operate this venues successfully. Description This course is designed to provide the student with the basic knowledge and understanding of promotional, marketing, and marketing strategies in sport organizations. Morgantown, WV: Fi T Publishing ISBN: 978 - 1-935412-40-3 Description Current Issues in Sport Management examines emerging matters, various activities and occurring/anticipated trends in the field of sport management. This course covers principles of visual design, use of color and the creation of interactive multimedia lessons, presentations and training materials. Description This course will examine the unique ethical challenges faced by leaders with an emphasis on building ethical competency through self-assessment, challenge, and feedback.

Prerequisites N/A Book Info Nutrition for a Changing World (required). Prerequisites N/A Book Info TBA Welcome Letter | Syllabus | Register Now |Order Books Description This course examines the management implications of gerontology and administration of long-term care facilities and explores moral and political issues affecting health care delivery to individuals throughout the aging process. Prerequisites N/A Book Info Purtilo, R., Haddad, A., Doherty, R. Prerequisites N/A Book Info Description This course will cover the key elements of epidemiology, integrating quantitative thinking, inquiry and analysis, and teamwork.

Prerequisites N/A Book Info TBA Welcome Letter | Syllabus | Register Now |Order Books Description Advanced Health Care Management examines the daily operations of health care organizations. Description The course provides an introduction to a wide variety of specialty areas in the health sciences professions. Student will explore the terminology, experimental designs, and application of epidemiology to public health problems.

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