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Otep Shamaya is a famous American singer-songwriter and actress, who was born on November 7, 1979.

As a person born on this date, Otep Shamaya is listed in our database as the 36th most popular celebrity for the day (November 7) and the 272nd most popular for the year (1979).

So, he said these things to me and said that I must be someone who believes in equal rights, and I shot back some smart remarks to him and he pulled his fists up and took a step back as though he was going to fight me. Sometimes, we pawn these people off as being uneducated or not having as much life experience. This is about someone who has more evil within them than good. I don’t know if you have ever been, but Honolulu is one of the most cosmopolitan and touristy places on the planet. Rather, we are utilizing those pieces of the puzzle as an excuse. I think that is why we are such a beautiful community.

So, I took a step back and I pulled my left up and said, “Yes, I believe in equal lefts too, motherf**ker”, and he walked away real quickly to his tricycle and drove away. My point of view is that they are insecure, cowardly people who are threatened by something that they cannot control. I was with a really attractive woman and he was upset that he could never get that woman, therefore, he had to attack me for it. We try very hard not to think poorly of people because people have thought poorly of us for a long time, so we as a whole, I’m sure that not everyone is the same and I’m not trying to paint with a brush too broad, but as a whole in my experience, the LGBTQ community is extremely accepting and extremely forgiving. Right now, if you are a teacher and you go on holiday with your partner or post a photo of it on Instagram, you run the risk of getting fired.

People born on November 7 fall under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, the Scorpion. Aside from information specific to Otep Shamaya's birthday, Otep Shamaya is the 7149th most famous American.

In general, Otep Shamaya ranks as the 14021st most popular famous person, and the 1425th most popular singer of all time.

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It’s tough growing up without peers until you can find your tribe later in life, and then things start to make sense. I feel as though society is really acknowledging how beneficial this is to the wellbeing of all. Do you they have the safe space at home and with their friends? For me, it’s always been very important to live out loud.And that is where I threatened his manhood, his masculinity, and all of these things because I don’t fall into the particular gender role that he wants me to play as a woman, which is to be quiet. It’s frustrating though if attacks go unnoticed or they are excused as a lack of education or life experience. It’s important that we start making these people less comfortable with their attacks. There are more states in this country where you can legally marry your cousin.To me, that is where we are shoving it under the rug when it should be met. Although things are overall better, there is a problem within this country pertaining to complacency, because complacency is what happened in California when Proposition 8 was passed and the Mormons church in Utah sent down 40 million dollars to California to get Proposition 8 passed so that they can define marriage which is an insult because Mormons are always trying to redefine marriage for their own benefit.Pro football players, rock stars, artists, activists, and actors who have decided that it’s not fair that they can live their life and be free yet there are kids that suffer every day. I perceive that public expression has liberated and you’re not getting as many “turn of the heads” as an LGBT family member or couple out in public… A gay couple that walks out of their house has the thought of whether or not they will be greeted with kindness or a stare, when that never crosses the mind of most heterosexual couples.So, that has been a really welcomed change and it’s been very exciting just to see how it’s not a big new story if an individual decides to come out now. Whenever I leave my house with my girlfriend and her and I are holding hands, if there is someone that is walking toward us, there is always the thought that the person might say or do something to us or simply confront us.

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