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It was there that Kim describes ‘they hit it off’ and subsequently, their ‘rest is history’ began.Ross was heading to college in the fall of 2006 and feared a long distance commitment, so Kim took the lead. A seed was planted regardless, and by the end of the summer their connection had sprouted into the romance Ross had done his best to avoid before his departure.

The identity of Rhonda’s real father was kept a secret, although we’re not quite sure why.

Mr Naess is reported to have declined suggestions that he take a local climber with him up the ridge in the Franschoek mountains near Cape Town.

Mr Naess, who was married to Ross for 13 years, was an experienced climber and had climbed Mount Everest in 1985.

When it came time for Ross to leave for school, the two were "inseparable," recalls the bride.

It took ten years of dating for Ross to pop the question.

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