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You can finally be on your way to your one Million dollar dream. Steve Jobs really didn’t know what boys would use these phones to do when he was designing them.

As a yahoo boy, your i Phone is your office, your personal assistant and your secretary.

Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of work not to want to be like these guys.

Don’t you just wish you could throw money away like that?

Make sure you wear this chain at all times to avoid embarrassment from ‘smellos’.

It is also advisable to dedicate a full Instagram post to it so that the haters can be aware that you have finally arrived. If you are very wise, you will even start by deleting all those God-forsaken pictures of you and your hostel mates fooling yourselves in University.

Yes, I know half of everything will spill all over the floor but nobody must know you’re not happy about it.

It’s almost like money is fighting with the streets of Lagos.At one point, you notice two peasants in the same section order a bottle of champagne and you decide - the time is right.You raise two fingers up to get the waitress’ attention and gesture for her to come over.This is probably the last qualification that will enter your CV, because it’s really reserved for the big boys - the people that have become big enough for others to make songs about them.It will take months of sleepless nights, bank visits and self-motivation before your hustle can reach the level of the Black Mercedes. Even when you want to get something by the roadside, just park beside them and press the horn. Hopefully, by the time, you gather all these things, the ancestors of your father’s house will locate you and the eyes of the EFCC and SARS will have finally rested on you.

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