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On 24 February 2016, we closed the Adobe Translation program and took down the site (ref. We would love to receive feedback about your experiences; hear your suggestions for the future; and ideate with you about how to involve the Adobe international community in improving our products.We give heartfelt thanks to you, our generous international community, for supporting this translation initiative over the years.TIP: Before you start to scale, drag the little registration point to the very center of the pupil.This will prevent the eye from being moved around while we scale.Using a black telephone as an example, he first shows how the opacity, linear dodge, and brush tools can help make a product image look shiner, sleeker and brighter.He goes onto create what he calls "glints", which are subtle reflections and areas of sparkling light that he places across the image.Adobe Photoshop CS 4, salah satu software multimedia yang di gemari para tukang edit foto.Sangat bermanfaat bagi kamu jika kamu berkerja di bidang pengeditan foto dengan banyak tools di dalamnya untuk merekayasa foto.

If you’re here looking for the mask to use on the girl’s face, you can download it right here!It’s just something that I’m feeling I should do with this image. Grab your Dodge tool (U), set the range to “Midtones” and the exposure to 10%.I painted black over her face in the mask to darken the entire in the image but not affect her face. Set the gray filled layer to a blend mode of “Soft Light”, this will make this layer look like it has disappeared.Apply a layer mask to this layer and paint away any areas that might be spreading skin color over the hair/ear areas.Grab your Elliptical Marquee tool (M) and hold down your Shift key and drag a perfect little selection around the Iris’ each one, one at a time.

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