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i m not sure i can tell exactly the situation, but i m in this type of trouble, if anyone have idea that would help.

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It would not be instant notification, but it could be as close to it is you program it to be. it is simply multiple instances of an application like a bus ticket management, when 2 ticket counter can sold same ticket at a time. i use several checking to prevent this, and this was successful but my clients r complaining that it is slow for these steps. @apegram u say "one user updates the data, an event is fired and the other clients refresh the data as necessary" i think that could work, thanks. I'm sorry, but I do not have an exact implementation in mind. If you were to have a client/server set-up with your multi-user data application, you could create an event for situations where the database has been updated. When a client commits changes to the data, you would programmatically raise the event.

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