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To mark the occasion, he then built the Amidža Konak.The first law on the printing press was passed in Kragujevac in 1870.

In 1850 the government established an entire complex of the military factories.

The "Jerina Cave", located near the village of Gradac in the direction of Batočina, was inhabited from 37,000 to 27,000 BP.

The dugouts and the first constructions above the ground were built in 5,500-4,800 BC in the surrounding villages of Grivac, Kusovac, Divostin, Donje Grbice and Dobrovodica.

Kragujevac was liberated from the Ottomans on 5 April 1804, during the First Serbian Uprising.

It began to prosper after the factual Serbia's liberation from Turkish rule in 1815, especially when Prince Miloš Obrenović proclaimed it the capital of the new Serbian State on during the May Assembly in the Vraćevšnica monastery.

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