The middlesex lounge cambridge

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One, venues don’t just shut down four nights a week because financials are completely healthy.

And two, the Sunday to Wednesday slate over the past decade at Middlesex was some of the better programming in the area: The bi-weekly Tuesday night party Hearthrob was one of our town’s most legendary and notorious parties (of any genre or style) during its run in the late 2000s and the midweek p RIMORDIAL s OUNDS nights showcased the best of the Boston rock underground.

Beautiful, long-established popular restaurant and bar. Great high-traffic, high-exposure location in a growing area.

The space is in top-notch condition and tastefully done.

Some types of events fit better than others but nothing really ever fit perfectly.

This successful neighborhood Restaurant & Bar just west of Boston boasts a vibrant, casual elegance in both the food and atmosphere.

Offing classic dishes with the highest quality in both food & drink.

Being described as a schizophrenic space doesn’t have positive associations one would expect.

The theme that has been most successful for us has always been the weekend dance club.

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