Taylor swift dating a hockey player

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To really connect with the work of an actor, we need to feel like we understand her or him on a personal level. “It’s a very strange dichotomy,” she tells me before the game starts, not the only time she’ll use an SAT word during our conversation. I started separating my personalities—I can be strictly in my work and very serious, and then fully break it off when I leave set and have time to myself.Watching this 19-year-old girl in her black skinny jeans and matching patent-leather Topshop boots perk up after Kings defenseman Drew Doughty nearly body checks an Avalanche player through the glass in the first period—“That’s a big-boy hit, ooh.”—I start to get a clearer picture of who the actual Moretz is. Be young, make dumb jokes, be a kid.” A decade ago, “being a kid” for Moretz meant holing up in a room, listening to Lady Gaga and obsessively playing. “I read a lot of political articles,” the golden-haired Moretz says, half-proud and half-embarrassed.Moretz clearly isn’t used to losing—but how could she be?The 19-year-old actress is already a Hollywood veteran, 13 years deep into an impressive career that has included playing the lead in the movies.If that isn’t enough to ensure ubiquity, Moretz is also signed to play Ariel in the modern adaptation of .

Moretz smashed through many of them years ago, but has since remained in a limbo between successful and superior, between “that actress” and “, due later this year, in which she plays a woman who suffers from encephalitis and rapidly descends into insanity.But then there’s the other side of the coin—she really is 19, and is going through many of the things everyone her age deals with: self-discovery and the onslaught of emotions that comes with that, burgeoning sexuality, and the sort of experimentation and wading through personal relationships that partially defines young adulthood.She was admittedly “asexual” early on in her teen years—awkward and insecure—but has grown bolder with age.Just then a smile spreads across her moon-shaped face, the padlock that keeps whatever’s in her mind just right there, and she says, measuredly, “She’s a very talented person.” “You can talk to me about these things, you know,” I say back. Her mother, Teri, and four older brothers have been incalculably important in guiding her. ’” It wasn’t long after, that Moretz landed a role as Ryan Reynolds’ daughter in 2005’s followed shortly after—and here we are, a decade-plus later.(She is no longer in contact with her father, who became estranged from the family after an event that Moretz will only hint at: Imagine “what it would take for your family to never talk to you again,” she says.) It was her 29-year-old brother Trevor—now Chloë’s manager—who convinced Teri to let Chloë become a child actor. But beyond the career-altering stuff, Moretz says her brothers have helped her steer clear of the kinds of trouble that routinely afflict teen celebrities who have the world at their beck and call.

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