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Diversity Hire (air date: 2010-01-21) Owing to a rash of agent deaths (the result of Sterling's carelessness), ISIS can't meet government diversity standards.

However, his very demanding relationship with his mother did not help either.

She ranges from sexually precocious to voracious and has a twisted fetish for being strangled and murdered. She commonly changes her name throughout the first season, but sticks with Cheryl afterwards, though if someone calls her by the wrong name, she won't object.. Pronounces his last name "Jill-ETTE", while everyone else in his family pronounces it "GILL-it." He has a knack of getting himself injured and/or paralysed time and time again.

In Season 5, she was a country singer by the name of Cherlene. Plump, boorish, and incapable of keeping secrets, yet fun-loving and, according to Archer, amazing in bed.

Malory, impressed by her nerve, offered Lana a job.

Three weeks later she was on her first mission in Tunisia "killing a different man," referencing that she restructured her priorities from being a college protester (sticking it to "the man") to whom she is now.

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