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Those are the sorts of things most Vermont high school students grab on the way out the door each morning. A handful of pupils can’t attend school without one.In communities along Vermont’s remote northern border, 13 students are choosing to attend a small private school in Québec rather than a stateside high school.Spencer Martin, 17, says Stanstead is an easy 10-minute drive from his home in Derby, roughly the same distance as it is to North Country Union High School in Newport.Martin’s family has sent him to Stanstead since the seventh grade — mostly for the hockey program — and pays full tuition because Derby isn’t a choice town. Smith wakes at each morning for the trip to school.For the moment, that choice is restricted to the 93 Vermont towns that don’t have high schools.There, families can choose a public or approved independent school to educate their kids, bringing taxpayer “tuition” dollars along with them. But 315 students cross state lines to attend class in New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts — or to study abroad.In honor of Valentine’s Day, a few older boys traipsed into the dining hall dressed in Cupid costumes, complete with heart-covered boxer shorts, holding roses and love notes in their teeth for giggling recipients.

For some Vermont students, the Canadian private school is just as close as their local public school.She says she’s watched public school enrollment decline during her eight and a half years in the legislature and worries that allowing students to take tuition dollars out of state only exacerbates the problem.Clarkson has introduced legislation that would prohibit students from using state tuition payments at out-of-state independent schools.The students had just come back from February break and were finding their new table assignments, which change every few weeks.After a brief prayer and some announcements, students or faculty members at each table dished up a family-style meal of pasta and roasted vegetables.

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