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For help with Water Leaks, Sewage Backups, Downed Trees, and other such emergencies, please contact Public Works Department (352) 463-4018 between the hours of am and pm Monday through Friday.If any emergencies happen after normal operation hours, please contact the Gilchrist county Sheriff Office at 352-463-3410 for assistance.Parents are furious at staff for the 'disgusting' decision and have accused them of 'humiliating' their youngsters.A letter sent to mothers and fathers said the move had been taken because 'budgets are tight' and that controlling 'parental debt' would be in the best interest of the school.'It might as well be bread and f****** water and put them on a pedestal so humiliation is complete.'What about the families that are struggling to even put a meal on the table when the child gets home.Will they keep giving the child bread and fruit for days or weeks on end?But new rules state that if pupils in years three to six go over their balance by more than £2.30 they will be left without a full meal for lunch.

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Another mother also compared the school's behaviour to the harsh conditions of Dickensian London and wrote: 'This can't be for real, surely not, this is from a Dickens [novel] surely?

'Another parent wrote: 'This is horrendous, not every family has two parents supporting their children and can struggle constantly, those poor kids!

'One angry mother said: 'If school is compulsory surely school dinners are also whether parents have money to pay or not?

'Humiliating children because they are of poor families is totally unacceptable, leads to being singled out and bullying! It's like blackmail - if you don't pay, your child will get scraps!

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