Robomatic online dating

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--------------- Ex: User: "Do you know david beckam?

" Chatbot: "cool, i like to talk about football, David is football player?

It is only when you expanded it to show 1000 possibilities that its value would increase, ...

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Best Regards Thanks for sharing this link, I read Pattern Expression matching behavior point." -------------- User: "Lets talk about football." (RSS Engine is working to get info.from the Internet about the current events) Chatbot: "Ok let's talk about football, I heared that Ronaldo will retire." User: "Why? I would like to introduce you my devblog about artifficial inteligence and programming in python.For now i have created few articles in polish including (specialy for game developers) article how to write own talking chatbot. As english isnt my native language, at begin i would like to sorry for breaking it, but i think(and wish), that some of you can learn something from there.

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