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Thanks are due to the Editors of these publications for permission to reprint the articles here. The patient, rather ** English " attitude of Juan Espafiol towards government has been exploited by all his rulers ; just as his fund of natural and very real religion has been used by his ecclesiastical gover- nors to support monstrous and grotesque institutions like the Holy Inquisition.

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Camphill staff—called Coworkers—live and work alongside children, youth and adults with developmental and other disabilities in one of thirteen rural communities throughout the U. (California, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont) and Canada (British Columbia and Ontario).

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La primera de las cuales fue la semimitológica dinastía Xia en torno al 2000 a. La República de China derrocó a la última dinastía en 1911 y gobernó la China continental hasta 1949.

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