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She didnt stop doing it, even though she must have known that it frequently ended up in the off-licence till, rather than with the utility companies. I knew, if you kept drinking, that spontaneous combustion would get your useless carcase in the end.

In my moments of sobriety, I considered that she thought it worthwhile to sacrifice the money, rather than put up with the hassle of dealing with an aggressive drunk with no drink. It was worth it to leave that money under the sink. If you enjoyed that, you are bound to enjoy this very funny ebook.

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A horoscope is also like a STAMP from the manufacturing company of NATURE, which incorporates these features, just like in the case of a pack a medicine.

[ Post a Reply to This Message ] *** HORROR CAN BE FUNNY AS WELL. *** “In my frenzy I managed to consume about half of the late Stanislaus, bones and all.

Eventually, my long suppressed appetite was sated and I had time to consider my next move.

Why would I care about a few lousy crumbs in the sink? Where the money came from didnt bother me too much either. I can feel like there is a raging furnace in my stomach and the flames are starting to burst out from between my agonising ribs. The flames are rushing up my throat and out my mouth and nose.

If my small private pension wasnt enough to keep me permanently sozzled, then I could always help myself to the electricity money. My eyes are starting to melt from the inside out and my ears are about to explode.

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