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Another common challenge for lesbian women first dating transsexuals is role & cultural based.Since most transsexual women that now identify as lesbian were once heterosexual males - they often still evaluate potential mates by outer femininity and traditional beauty versus female essence.Here at Chat Line Mate, we try our best to give you a fun and easy way to connect with other like-minded singles.Once upon time, pre-internet more than likely, people living in a particular country knew very little about those living elsewhere on the Earth.......In fact, being post-operative is a distant second to being completely refined as female - according to lesbians I interviewed. Transsexual women are almost always femme in style and presentation but some redefine butch when it comes to intimacy or home repairs. This was the biggest complaint from most lesbian women that considered or tried dating a transsexual woman. For some transsexual women, this new level of “judgement” regarding their femininity doesn’t work.“I got sick of it,” says Marnie a 57-year old Missouri TS woman.In addition, you can save a large sum of cash on the call cost.Experience the hottest chat line in North America in the comfort of your home.

This often sets up a tough equation for finding a lesbian partner since most that match that physical criteria (femme’s) - are often seeking a female partner who will assume the more traditional male roles in a union (butch).

One ten-years-married lesbian and trans woman couple I met chose not to disclose to other lesbians that the one was transsexual.

Lesbian prejudice against transsexuals seems most common in larger cities - where the cultural accepts of lesbian is more important to community members.

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