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Loretta again defers to Nathan, who says she'll be well taken care of. A wound that size would kick him off the transplant list.

In the hallway, Maggie says he might want to get his feet wet before he dives in.

To look at a person and say: "What's wrong with you? April tells Isaac that he's either drunk or deranged and tells him to go find out which.

" We're trained to foresee the ugliest possible outcome. Isaac asks him if he can help and he says they called him. Callie asks Penny if she's sure she doesn't just want to sleep. Penny says she's in a comfy bed and then she falls asleep.

He worked a night shift and this is a nice way to wake up. She tells him about listening to Callie talk about Penny. In the ER, Mitchell presents the case of Gary Walton, who was born with intellectual disabilities. Jackson looked at it and said it looked like a tumor. But Callie said that would leave him with a large gap on the top of his head and with a wound that size, he'd get kicked off the transplant list.

She doesn't know how Meredith even looks at Penny to have her on her service. He swallowed a light-up ball because it looked like a cherry. They discuss doing a skull and scalp transplant for Simon. Jo then had the idea for them to take the skull and scalp from the kidney donor.

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April is working in the ER when Simon Jaffee comes in and asks where he's supposed to be.Meredith says that's okay, that she should do what she can and ask Jo if she needs help. He hasn't called his grandkids yet because he wanted to wait until it was a sure thing.Jackson comes in with Bailey and Ben and thanks Bailey for breakfast.April says she doesn't know that much about lesbians. It's been a while, so she needs a wingman because women don't buy drinks for sad loners. Owen says he doesn't think he could do that, but Meredith says she's there. She asks when she can go home, but Maggie says she wants to keep her to run more tests to see if she needs surgery. It's probably not the first time he'd done something like that. Elaine says he's helpful and he really understands. Hate me, yell at me, I can handle it, I will handle it. Okay, it's not Mississippi Burning or anything, but it is all over. Or when I go to get on an airplane with my first-class ticket, and they tell me that they're not boarding coach yet.Loretta asks Nathan if he thinks she needs surgery. You told me not to quit, and I didn't, but you are right now, and if you can't do what you are here to do, then please let me go. It's like a low buzz in the background, and sometimes you don't even notice it, and sometimes it's loud and annoying, and sometimes it can get dangerous, and sometimes it is ridiculous, like right now. So listen to the words that are coming out of her mouth, and believe them. And I'm glad that you feel like you can talk to me about it, but... I am not the spokeswoman, no one is and it is kind of annoying to be asked questions like I am.

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