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At times your boy will try to offer you with some help, never say no.If you stop him every time, he will assume that you think he is not capable for that work. A guy likes whenever he has something to offer as a help and the girls accepts it. According to a survey, boys hate it when a girl says that your friend is so hot.The impression you need to make in front of your boy, is always being confident.At times you will feel low and nervous, but don’t lose your confidence.

Instead just mentioning it in one of your talks is fine and then let him discover your qualities.

Even if you are trying to make him jealous, describe the hotness of some actor and not his friend.

This will make him feel that you don’t have interest in him and you like your friend more.

Even if your man cracks something boring give him a smile and try to laugh at his jokes to make him know, that you are having fun his company.

Sometimes when he is not talking, you can also start a conversation, this will show him the confidence you have.

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