Dating websites for free no credit cards

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“They slowly become part of the victim’s dreams.” Sluppick’s organization provides support and education to those who lose their hearts – and often a chunk of their finances – to scammers.

How a romance scam works Chances are you’ve tried an online dating site in hopes of finding true love.

Western Union agreed in January 2016 to a 6 million settlement with the FTC over allegations of looking the other way and allowing fraud and money laundering.

Western Union received at least 44,500 complaints about online dating and romance scams, with losses totaling at least million, between 20, the FTC’s Todd Kossow says.

In many cases, they’re lonely after a divorce, the death of a spouse, or their kids are grown and have left home.

Sluppick has found it’s usually those who are middle-aged and older – and an equal number of men and women – who tend to fall victim to scammers.

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“The victims are legitimately in love, legitimately care for this person. They’re thinking emotionally, not cognitively.” In some cases, victims have bought wedding dresses, engagement rings or made wedding plans with someone they’ve never met, Nofziger says.

With a generous payout and fantastic conversion rates it's not to be missed!

People looking for love online should hold on to their wallets.

File a complaint: Federal Trade Commission: Call 877-FTC-Help, or file a complaint online.

FBI: File a complaint at Internet Crime Complaint Center. If you’ve wired money to a scammer: Both Western Union and Money Gram have websites with information on filing complaints.

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