Biker dating brenda

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A biker frustrated with those who use their mobile phones while driving has started to film his daily commute to work to record his near misses.

Mr Milton, who didn't give his first name, uses the M25 and M4 everyday to get to work in Slough and says on an average day he sees up to 15 drivers on their phones mostly in the evening, during rush hour.

Culkin has been dating Brenda for four months, but he's clearly smitten with her, with the duo spotted on an array of romantic dates of late.

As he was: Culkin at his lowest point, in 2012, left when pictures of him looking gaunt set the tabloids alight with rumors of drug abuse, which he denied; he is also pictured in May this year, before he began dating Brenda Since their relationship took off the once shabby actor has ditched the long hair and unkempt beard, for a far smarter appearance - even wearing a suit for his Parisian night out.

At one point, a woman on her mobile, seemingly obvious to Mr Milton, drove dangerously close to him as they shared a lane.

The biker became so enraged he shouted at her: 'Get off your phone, it's illegal.'A matter of seconds of later Mr Milton passes another driver looking at their phone.

Macaulay was previously married to actress Rachel Miner, who he tied the knot with in 1998, but the pair separated in 2000 and divorced two years later.

Brenda, on the other hand, was engaged to Miley Cyrus' brother Trace but called off the engagement in 2012.

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Family guy star Seth, 43, and his Holidays actress wife of seven years, 38, introduced Macaulay and Brenday earlier in the year.To one driver, Mr Milton pointed at his camera to let them know he was recording them.The Data Analyst Manager told the Mail Online: 'Every day I see drivers distracted and not fully aware of what is going on around them and it’s mainly due to mobile phone usage, on the few occasions when I have alerted drivers. they know it’s wrong but still do it and try to hide their phones or become verbally abusive.'A few days ago I decided to take some time to collate my most recent footage, during two commutes home I witnessed 8 drivers using their phones.We spent five weeks in Thailand shooting this.'Seth directed and wrote and starred in it, and this has been in the making for the last seven years, so he made it happen, it was incredible - it was like, Changeland for me.'And she admitted: 'That sounds super cheesy but I came back like a different person.' Song recently opened up again about co-starring with boyfriend Culkin and close pal Green on the dramatic comedy Changeland.'It was a wonderful experience,' she told the show. we had the best time ever.'Everyone was lovely, we just got to go to Thailand and hang out with our best friends for five weeks.' Work pals: Macaulay and Brenda struck up their relationship earlier this year when they were introduced to one another while shooting former Austin Paris star Seth's directorial debut, Changeland, in Thailand Song is a prolific actress who jump-started her career as a Disney child star, playing the female lead in both 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' and 'The Suite Life on Deck'.She has since appeared in the Facebook origin story 'The Social Network' and as Raven-Symone's character's best friend in 'College Road Trip'.

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